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    HA Develops New National Integrity Framework

    HA Develops New National Integrity Framework

    HA Develops New National Integrity Framework

    Author: Ben Somerford

    Hockey Australia (HA), in conjunction with several Government bodies, has developed the new National Integrity Framework to safeguard the integrity of the sport.

    With new opportunities in international and domestic competitions and the increased exposure that comes with it, Hockey will be faced with new integrity risks which HA has identified.

    HA CEO Matt Favier said: “Integrity is a core value of Hockey Australia. We are committed to evolving our systems, processes and behaviours to safeguard the integrity of Hockey.

    “The National Framework for Ethical Decision-Making and Integrity in Australian Hockey (the National Integrity Framework) will provide greater consistency and surety, keeping Australian Hockey clean and protected from the threats of match-fixing.”

    HA has worked closely with relevant Government bodies including the National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU), Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and Sport Australia in developing the National Integrity Framework and will continue to work closely with these bodies through its delivery.

    The Minister for Sport Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie said she applauded the work of Hockey Australia in strengthening its sports integrity framework and the ongoing collaboration between sports and Government more broadly to protect Australian sport from related threats.

    “The Liberal and Nationals Government is absolutely committed to safeguarding the integrity of Australian sports from present and future challenges and we stand ready to work with any and all Australian sporting organisations to ensure that the public continue to have confidence that competitions are played in the best possible spirit and free from external influences,” Senator McKenzie said.

    The implementation of the National Integrity Framework will see a multi-faceted approach to strengthening integrity arrangements through:

    • Enhanced integrity policies,
    • Education,
    • Detection and enforcement,
    • Oversight and reporting.

    HA will play an important national leadership role within the sport, supporting its member associations and the new Australian domestic league in implementing and complying with these strengthened integrity arrangements.