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    Hockey Stick Buying Guide

    What Is My Sizing?

    Check your sizing on our handy stick size calculator

    How Much Should I Spend?

    Just Hockey caters for all levels and abilities of hockey player. Prices vary according to the materials used in manufacturing and the technologies used to layer up the sticks. International players use sticks from $350 upwards.

    We always suggest asking yourself how much will the stick be used, if a high amount you need a better constructed stick to withstand the wear & tear. You always get what you pay for.

    Suitable Stick Shapes & Bows

    It is important to understand the bows, what they are good for and also players they won't suit!

    We break the stick bows into an easy 5 categories. Standard Bow. Mid Bow, Low Bow, Extreme Bow, Extreme Groove Bow.

    View them all here. Click Here.

    If these are the skills you are looking to hone. Then we recommend Low/Extreme Bow Shape. If Dragflicking is really a focus then look at the additional Groove feature on some sticks.


    This is all preference but we always suggest a Mid or Low Bow for these skills. The Mid Bow will always help clean hitting and improved trapping.


    For juniors learning their skills we recommend a Standard to Mid Bow to start. This will help keep with learning to hit clean and flat.

    When moving forward with skills start to look at a Low Bow. This will help with 3D skills and dribbling. But always be careful as any more than a Low Bow will be dangerous if hitting techniques not perfected.


    Is Weight Important?

    Most sticks that we stock have an average weight of around 520-530g. These are a great all round weight for all skills.

    Lighter weight sticks are typically designed for attacking players which allow for a quicker backswing and stick skills. Usually 510g-520g.

    Heavier weight sticks are typically designed for defensive players and can help to add power and distance in your hits which is ideal for clearing balls and passing. Usually around 540-550g.

    If you are looking for a specific weight or just want simply a 'lighter' stick weight always add in your order comments, we will aim to select the closest stick to your request.

    What Is Balance Point?

    The Balance Point is the position on the stick where the weight is distributed evenly on either side.

    A higher balance point (further away from the head) means a lighter feel in the hands as the majority of the weight is in the handle. A lower balance point (closer to the head) will result in the weight nearer the head and better for powerful hitting.

    On average most sticks are around 39cm Balance Point. Once again always add in comments if looking for a specific BP.

    Let's Talk Head Shapes

    There are usually around 4 to 5 well known head shapes.

    Micro: A smaller head shape that is ideal for high speed, close control and stick skills.

    Midi: Most used toe shape for most. Improves technique and offers close control. Great sweet spot when hitting. Ideal for midfielders or players that like to move the ball quickly when dribbling.

    Maxi: Larger surface area. Great for hitters, injectors and reverse stick control. This toe shape is ideal for most players.

    Hook: J shaped toe which provides the largest surface area for increased ball control, reverse trapping and using reverse skills. Ideal for players with an upright style and is good on grass surfaces.
    Tapered Toe: Usually a midi head shape and a small portion of the sticks toe removed on a 40º to 45º angle, locking the ball to the end of the stick. Great for 360 skills, injecting and push passing.

    Australian or European?

    At Just Hockey we have the largest range of hockey equipment in Australia! We have Australian, NZ, Dutch, Belgian, German and lots more.

    Which one is the best ... that is for you to decide!