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    Blackroll Hook

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    Do you train with fitness bands regularly? Then the HOOK door anchor will be perfect for you.

    You can attach it to almost any door making the use of our fitness bands even easier and more versatile. The HOOK was developed to be used with the SUPER BAND, MULTIBAND and RESIST BANDs. 

    Even if you don't own one of our fitness bands yet, the HOOK will work with your existing ones as well.

    Have a look at the video to see how it works HERE.

    Advantages of the BLACKROLL® HOOK anchor  

    • Increases the variety of exercises   
    • Easy handling
    • It can be fixed to the side, top or bottom of the door like a sling trainer  
    • Suitable for most door types   
    • Made from durable materials
    • Small and compact   

    Tips for using the door anchor & fitness band  

    • Depending on the exercise, you can attach the HOOK door anchor at different heights. Place the HOOK between the door and the frame, and then close the door. 
    • The integrated MINI FLOW foam roller acts as a stopper. 
    • Place the FLOW on one side of the door, and attach the hook to your training band on the other side.   
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