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    HA commits support to Cairns Hockey Indigenous program

    HA commits support to Cairns Hockey Indigenous program

    Author: Nic Kerber

    Hockey Australia is delighted to support Cairns Hockey in their work with the Aspire to be Deadly Program, aimed at increasing Indigenous participation and wellbeing.

    The collaborative partnership will see Hockey Australia donate 100 HookIn2Hockey packs, which will be included in Aspire Learn Well Live Well Lead Well programs and given to indigenous young girls as part of community and school support programs.

    Hockey Australia has also committed to providing a minimum of 100 packs per year over a three years period with minimal margins to aid the inclusive program.

    “We are delighted to partner with Cairns Hockey for this fantastic program,” said Hockey Australia CEO, Matt Favier.

    “Hockey Australia already does a wealth of amazing work with remote communities up in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, which are predominantly with Indigenous people, and the objectives of the Aspire to be Deadly program are ones we fully support.

    “One of the best things about the hockey community across Australia is how close knit it is and the willingness to support each other, so we look forward to contributing and building on the great work that is being done.”

    The donation and provision of the packs is the first initiative in what is hoped to be a longstanding association between the two parties, with plans in place to develop a Memorandum of Understanding to stamp the partnership.

    “Cairns Hockey is especially proud of the programs and the results and outcomes Aspire to be Deadly delivers,” said Cairns Hockey President Dr Robert Pozzi.

    “Our Aspire initiative is based around strong engagements and partnerships and this national collaboration is exciting and will strengthen the advancement of hockey across Cairns and Far North Queensland.”

    Other ways Hockey Australia is exploring to provide assistance is through mentor support with national program athletes to develop talent pathways, mentor and leadership opportunities.

    (Pictured left to right: Mel Woosnam - Hockey Australia President, Clare Prideaux - Oceania Hockey Federation President, Julie McNeil - Cairns Hockey Operations Manager, Bob Claxton - Oceania Hockey Federation Hon. Secretary General)

    About Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly Learn Well Live Well Lead Well Indigenous Hockey Programs:

    A partnership was established with the Commonwealth Government- Indigenous Advancement Strategy to deliver a series of programs to increase school attendance, support leadership and mentor programs, highlight healthy lifestyle choices and celebrate culture, all with the aim of increasing opportunities for indigenous young women and girls to complete school and view future opportunities with increased self -confidence and self-worth.

    Aspire to be Deadly uses the hockey programs through the LEARN WELL LIVE WELL LEAD WELL Program to develop strong life skills by participating and advancing through the hockey program and learning new skills, working together and teamwork, problem solving and understanding how to address challenges without giving up or resorting to aggressive and unacceptable behaviour.

    For more information on the Cairns Hockey Association and the Aspire to be Deadly programs, visit