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Mazon BlackMagic XPro XG

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Introducing the BlackMagic XPro XG-Bow. The X Project's aim is to construct a stick that brings out an individual's X factor on the turf.

The XG-Bow is designed for players looking to take the game to the opponent. Designed for rapid 3D & 360 skills plus groove shaft for accelerated flicking ability.

  • TEXTREME® CARBON TECHNOLOGY - TeXtreme® reinforces the Japanese 3k carbon composition of the XPro. Making it ultra light with a greater rigidness plus increased strength. TeXtreme® provides impact tolerance combined with superior surface smoothness. The XPro is designed and constructed for the X factor on the turf. Thanks to this technology, the stick is lighter, stronger and tuned for premium performance.
  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SHAFT - New Unique Shapes. New Possibilities. Mazon has extensively researched and designed a new Multi-Dimensional Shaft so players can execute skills with confidence. The XPro spine is weighted and balanced in a way that delivers easier skill roll overs plus speed acceleration freeing you to attack every hit.
  • 24.75MM XG-BOW - The XG-Bow has been designed specifically for players looking to take the game to the opponent. Designed for rapid 3D & 360 skills plus groove shaft for accelerated flicking ability. The X Factor on the turf could be a 360 spin followed by low drag to goal to score the winning goal.
  • ULTRA HEAD The Ultra-Head is designed for players seeking incredible speed and 360 accuracy across the face. Thanks to the tapered toe shape that provides a cradle for the ball to sit in for pushing & 360 skills.
Product type Sticks Senior Composite
Brand Mazon
Weight 500 - 520g
Carbon Composition 95%
Stick Bow 24.75mm XG-Bow
Stick Hook Ultra Head Maxi Hook
Balance Point 390mm ±10mm