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    Grays AC 10 Probow-S Apex

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    The Grays AC10 is perfect for anyone looking for a light and powerful pickup! With Aerocore technology and a reshaped head, the AC10 offers extra surface area and greater power transfer. Plus, the Probow-S shape provides enhanced 3D skills and control. Get your AC10 today at Just Hockey.

    The AC10 has been precisely engineered to gain maximum performance. Using Aerocore technology the weight distribution is controlled to create a light pickup. The rear spine increases power transfer down the shaft and new handle technology allows for a stiffer composition without compromising control. 

    • Aerocore technology for light pickup.
    • NEW Probow-S shape is a low bow ideal for 3D skills.
    • Thickened LBZ for reverse stick passing & shooting.