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    Blackroll Standard Foam Roller (Blk/Wht/Blue)

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    The most versatile foam roller for full body fascia training inclusive recovery, activation, self massage and functional training.
    The simple but effective STANDARD roller is the perfect self-myofascial release tool for anyone who is after a premium quality, but good value for money solution.
    Because of it’s medium density it is effective for all fitness levels, making it relevant for a large range of applications spanning from rehabilitation and pain treatment to high performance training. The smooth surface offers the best effect without adding unnecessary pain.
    The popular roller was developed and made in Germany together with leading scientists, medical experts and sports professionals. It is the favourite choice of many professional athletes and often a recommendation of physiotherapists or personal trainers to ensure their clients have a reliable tool to look after their body.
    The BLACKROLL STANDARD is recommended to be applied across all areas of the body including legs, hips, glutes, back, neck and arms.
    It is effective to prevent or get rid of sore muscles, back pain, neck pain & shoulder pain. Use it on any day for pain prevention, relaxation or rehabilitation.
    Use it before sport as part of your activation / warm up routine and for recovery after sports or working out. Activation can improve your mobility, prevent injury and maximise performance during sport or fitness. Recovery after sports will ensure that your muscles and tissues can relax and regenerate during rest and sleep.

    Find a variety of exercises for the BLACKROLL® STANDARD on our homepage, as well as in the BLACKROLL® APP - so you can get started right away.
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