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    Blackroll Running Box Set

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    Here's how to increase your running performance and stay healthy and fit for the long term: The BLACKROLL® RUNNING BOX includes the best tools for fascia training, activation and functional training. You'll run faster and longer, and stay injury-free.

    The RUNNING BOX was developed together with Sabrina Mockenhaupt, our running expert and multiple German running champion. The set includes:

    •  The BLACKROLL® SLIM fascia roller for intense self-massage and recovery of muscles.
    • The LOOP BAND training band for functional training, activation and strengthening of muscle chains.
    • The MINI FLOW fascia roller to support blood circulation and release tension.
    • A RUNNING BAG so all your BLACKROLL® products are always together.
    • Training schedules for any runner, from beginners to long-distance runners.
    • All sorts of tips and exercises to make your running training more effective.
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