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    Asics Shoe Size Guide

    Asics Men's Shoe Sizes
    US UK Euro CM
    4US 3UK 36Euro 22.5cm
    4.5US 3.5UK 37Euro 23cm
    5US 4UK 37.5Euro 23.5cm
    5.5US 4.5UK 38Euro 24cm
    6US 5UK 39Euro 24.5cm
    6.5US 5.5UK 39.5Euro 25cm
    7US 6UK 40Euro 25.25cm
    7.5US 6.5UK 40.5Euro 25.5cm
    8US 7UK 41.5Euro 26cm
    8.5US 7.5UK 42Euro 26.5cm
    9US 8UK 42.5Euro 27cm
    9.5US 8.5UK 43.5Euro 27.5cm
    10US 9UK 44Euro 28cm
    10.5US 9.5UK 44.5Euro 28.25cm
    11US 10UK 45Euro 28.5cm
    11.5US 10.5UK 46Euro 29cm
    12US 11UK 46.5Euro 29.5cm
    12.5US 11.5UK 47Euro 30cm
    13US 12UK 48Euro 30.5cm
    14US 13.5UK 49Euro 31cm
    15US 14UK 50.5Euro 32cm

    Foot length is determined from measuring the furthest point at the heel to the furthest point at the toe.