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    Mazon Black Magic Slingshot XB (36.5 ONLY)

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    The Black Magic SlingShot is back with vengeance. FIH approved 24mm X-Bow designed for drag flicking and quick fire skills. The Maxi head shape with Maxx Traction Impact technology will improve your control and trapping ability. Made from high grade Japanese carbon, this stick is top of the range. The X-Bow really aids quick 3D skills, quick fire sling passing and shoiting. Includes RVS+, THZ, KDZ, & TS95 technology. 

    • Traction Control Zone (TCZ) to help players be in control of the hockey ball. The silica surface helps reduce spin of the ball whilst providing traction on the ball to improve skills and trapping.
    • Max Impact - The shaft contains two cores of aramid to contain impact & provide stability. Essentially the core of the stick providing strength and structure to the stick.
    • THZ - TomaHawk Zone provides vital reinforcement in the area that is used for tomahawking. The THZ will create powerful reverse shots whilst protecting against damage to the integral structure of the stick.
    • Torsion Stability rating of 95 provides the unrivalled Mazon power. The stiffer the stick, the higher the rating & the harder the hit. Due to the core not flexing it results in the power maintaining through the stick to the ball.
    • The Reduced Vibration System + (RVS+) technology ensures that composites are placed strategically in key vibration areas to absorb the vibration whilst hitting and trapping.
    • XB-Bow - Ideal for drag flicking but also quick pushing and 3D skills.


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