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    Mazon XR Pro Gloves (Small)

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    The Mazon XR Pro Gloves are constructed with triple laminate foam. Flat left glove for increased control and to help with glove deflection. Larger flat right hand with protection inserts and unique strap placement for the ultimate penalty corner performance. Lighter foam to help with quicker movement. Individual finger holes in left hand to help with grip and control. Used by top International GK's - Charter and Bartram.. One Size for M and L. Small is available.

    • Triple Laminate Foam - Optimum XR Rebound
    • Secure Strapping - Enhanced fit
    • Improved Angle - To help stick positioning and logging for penalty corners
    • Groove Traction - to help control sliding and gripping
    • Lightweight Foam - help with quick movemements
    • Used by Top International GK's!

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