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    OBO Ogo Kit

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    OBO OGO (S/M/L) Kit is great for junior level hockey! If you place an order for this item online we will call you/email you the next working business day to make sure you get the sizing and best service possible to get the OBO OGO Kit of your dreams! (Freight will be confirmed during communication).

    OBO OGO Legguards 
    OBO OGO Kickers 
    OBO OGO PLUS Hand Protector (Pair) 
    OBO Yahoo Body Armour Set
    OBO OGO Smarty Pants
    OBO Yahoo Guard Male/Female
    OBO ABS Helmet XS
    OBO Yahoo Throat Guard 
    Just Hockey GK Wheelie Bag

    This product is only available to be shipped within Australia & countries with no stockist or distributor of this brand.

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