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    Mazon Gold Medal Kit

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    The Mazon Hockey GOLD Medal Kit is International Standard GK Protection! 

    If you place an order for this item online we will call you/email you the next working business day to make sure you get the colours/sizing and best service possible to get the Mazon GOLD Medal Kit you deserve! (Freight will be confirmed during communication).

    Mazon XR Pro Legguards 
    Mazon XR Pro Kickers 
    Mazon XR Pro Gloves 
    Mazon Goalie Inner Glove 
    Mazon XR Body Armour 
    Mazon XR Padded Shorts 
    Mazon XR Cover Shorts 
    Mazon Abdo Guard Male/Female Senior
    Mazon XR Short Sleeve Shirt
    Mazon XR Helmet 
    Mazon Throat Collar
    Mazon Black Magic Arrow/Wand GK
    Mazon XR Monsta BK Bag

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