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    Mazon BlackMagic XPro MB

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    The Mazon BlackMagic XPro MB has been updated for 2024, incorporating Textreme reinforcement for increased hitting power and improved trapping skills. The results? A confident game-winning performance every time. The power of this expertly designed hockey stick, will see your skills reach new heights.

    • TEXTREME® CARBON TECHNOLOGY - TeXtreme® reinforces the Japanese 3k carbon composition of the XPro. Making it ultra light with a greater rigidness plus increased strength. TeXtreme® provides impact tolerance combined with superior surface smoothness. The XPro is designed and constructed for the X factor on the turf. Thanks to this technology, the stick is lighter, stronger and tuned for premium performance.
    • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SHAFT - New Unique Shapes. New Possibilities. Mazon has extensively researched and designed a new Multi-Dimensional Shaft so players can execute skills with confidence. The XPro spine is weighted and balanced in a way that delivers easier skill roll overs plus speed acceleration freeing you to attack every hit.
    • 23.8MM MID-BOW - The Mid-Bow has been designed specifically for all round players wanting to get the best from their hitting, trapping and pushing. The X Factor on the turf could be a timely trap followed by a perfect hit pass leading to a goal. The XPro Mid-Bow gives you this opportunity.
    • EXTENDED HOOK HEAD - For players who are looking for consistent trapping ability and require precise control. The XPro Extended Hook Head provides incredible speed and accuracy across the entire surface of the face. Ready to trap and open up the game with the X Factor.
    Product type Sticks Senior Composite
    Brand Mazon
    Weight 500 - 520g
    Carbon Composition 95%
    Stick Bow 23.8mm Mid-Bow
    Stick Hook Extended Maxi Hook
    Balance Point 390mm ±10mm
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