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    Polytans environmentally friendly hockey turf, Poligras Tokyo GT, will be featured at Tokyo 2020.

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    There’s one year to go until the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the hockey venues are underway and on track. The competition matches will be played at Oi Hockey Stadium where construction started in late 2018 and the final surfacing was completed in June 2019.

    Poligras Tokyo GT – supporting Tokyo’s carbon neutral vision

    With superior player and environmental performance Poligras Tokyo GT has been chosen as the hockey turf for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

    Poligras Tokyo GT is the first hockey turf to be made from regrowable raw materials and was designed to support Tokyo’s ambitious carbon-neutral targets and FIH’s commitment to sustainable hockey.

    The turf features breakthrough Green Technology:

    • Made from 60% sugar cane
    • Requires 2/3 less water than previous Olympic turfs

    Climate Positive Hockey

    ‘I’m Green™ polyethylene, developed by Braskem, is a plastic obtained from ethanol derived from sugar cane that has already been processed for food. The sugar cane captures carbon dioxide from the environment, which means for every kilogram of polyethylene used in the Olympic hockey turfs almost five kilograms of CO2 will be saved.

    Poligras Tokyo GT turfs have already been installed in nine countries as clubs, colleges, hockey associations and cities make the commitment to ‘turf responsibly’.

    This is positive for hockey, for Tokyo and the planet.

    An unrivaled Olympic history

    Tokyo 2020 continues Sport Group’s long association with the Olympic Games. Sport Group’s brands, AstroTurf and Polytan have provided the hockey turfs for 9 of the 12 Olympics which have featured hockey on synthetic turf.

    For more on the Turf Responsibility Campaign

    Poligras Tokyo GT at Oi Hockey Stadium, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    Poligras Tokyo GT at Oi Hockey Stadium, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games