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Voodoo Unlimited Gold E4 LB

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The Voodoo Unlimited Gold E4 LB enables you to get the most out of flicks and 3D skills, the V3 shape has a smooth low-bow shape. Whilst being an ideal flicking stick, the clean shape provides greater control on passing and hitting.Built with only the finest carbon fibre materials available,this ultra premium lay-up leaves its competitors in the dust. The Unlimited features an optimum face angle, to assist with rapid execution of difficult aerial skills, while making flicking and passing on the move a breeze. This stick incorporates the latest design and state-of-the-art materials engineering, to ensure a high-performance result under any playing conditions. The Unlimited E4 will take your game to the next level.

Curve peake 24mm Curve position 250mm

Bow Information Chart
Standard Mid Low Xtreme
S-Bow M-Bow.jpg L-Bow.jpg X-Bow.jpg
The S-Bow is a STANDARD curve bow that helps maximize control and power. Normally around 19mm Straight to Mid Bow. The M-Bow is a MEDIUM curve bow that helps with power but also essential skills. Measures from around 22mm bow at 300mm point. The L-Bow is a LOW curve bow designed to make skills easier. Shooting, passing and flicking. Measurements are normally around 24mm up to the 250mm point. X-Bow is ideal for attacking minded players. Dragflicking, 3D Skills, aerials and goal shots are easier with this bow shape. Measures around 24mm at the 200mm point and some are designed with groove shafts.

Foot length is determined from measuring the furthest point at the heel to the furthest point at the toe.