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    Voodoo Journey TP Bag

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    The Voodoo Journey Field Hockey Bag has a huge main compartment that can fit multiple sticks and has extra zippered pockets onthe front of the bag to help keep your gear organized. The lower pocket has ventilation holes that allow airflow inside the pocket that's perfect for storing your sweaty shin guards or cleats after a game, and the built-in loop at the top is great for hanging up your bag to keep it out of the wet, dirty grass. The padded back and shoulder straps offer a comfortable carry no matter how heavy your gear inside is, and the padding utilized a mesh material that allows more ventilation and keeps your back from getting too hot and sweaty.

    • Designed using durable, lightweight, and water resistant material
    • Extra carrying capacity
    • Multiple zippered external pockets and internal pockets for organized storage
    • Vented lower compartment for breathable storage
    • Easy-to-carry backpack design with padded straps and back padding for comfort
    • Carrying straps adjust for the best fit on your back
    • Heavy duty harness
    • Built-in loop at the top for easy hang storage

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