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    Mizuno Wave Kien 4 Womens (Clearance)

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    Trail security and performance guaranteed via the specifically engineered Xta Ride
    Great multi-directional grip suitable for all surfaces through outsole with X lugs
    High cushioned yet lightweight midsole for protection on trails
    G-TX upper for all weather conditions and activities. 

    - Good multidirectional grip suitable for all surfaces through the sole X
    - Padded and light midsole to protect from trails
    - GORE-TEX superior for all weather conditions and activities

    - Mizuno Wave
    Inspired by nature, Wave is the most effective midsole technology in the industry. The Wave platform provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the impact force over a wider surface. It combines damping and stability.

    - AirMesh
    Material used in the mesh of the cut that provides a high level of perspiration, helping the foot to stay fresh and dry.

    - Dynamotion Fit
    The running shoe is deformed in the area of ??the collar and the heel during the tread cycle, which causes the adjustment is not optimal and even the foot slips inside the shoe. The Dynamotion Fit system allows the upper part (cut) of the shoe to interact with the movement of the foot and therefore the shoe fits perfectly to the foot during the three phases of the tread.

    - X10
    The X10 represents Mizuno's most durable solid rubber compound and by positioning itself on the areas of the foot that most impact on the ground contributes to prolong the life of the shoe, as well as improve traction.

    - GORE-TEX
    Products made with GORE-TEX fabric provide maximum comfort and protection in a wide range of activities and climatic conditions. The GORE-TEX membrane resists water and wind to ensure maximum impermeability, but at the same time allows the foot to breathe. How is it achieved? Thanks to the membrane with pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. In this way, water can not enter, but the skin can breathe. Each membrane is tested and tested in the harshest weather conditions.

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