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Mizuno Wave Daichi 5 (Mens)

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Wave Daichi 5 features the incredible Michelin rubber outsole for unmatched grip out on the turf. An adjustable fitting system adds secure foot binding to your run, working in unison with XtaRide technology and the Mizuno Wave to bring you unbeatable adaptability, so you can maintain top pace on the turf.


  • Michelin outsole delivers great traction and grip on all surfaces
  • XtaRide allows optimal adaptivity to uneven terrain
  • Reinforced toe cap keeps you protected on the trail
  • Adjustable fitting system in heel and forefoot for a more comfortable and secure fit
  • Also ideal for turf based sports such as feld hockey and touch football


Category Trail
Weight 320g
Arch Normal
Size Range US 8 - 13, 14
Colour Metal (46)
Widths Not available