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    International Aluminium Hockey Goals

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    Introducing the 4th generation of our Australian designed and engineered Aluline goals continues to improve on earlier models, and incorporate new features to improve their functionality. Using 9 mm thick internally reinforced aluminium post extrusions specifically designed for Hockey, the latest generation has an in-profile net attachment along the uprights and crossbars, and clamped attachment on the backboards so balls cannot escape. There is improved indentation resistance, and of course can not rust. The goals retain the innovative free-hanging net design introduced in our systems in the early 2000s to minimise support frame ball rebound. The powder coated backboards are specially designed reinforced aluminium, finished with impact/sound absorbing rubber with keyed in application. The black rubber offers maximum ball contrast for visibility, and the system cannot retain water or rot as with systems in the past. Goals are supplied complete with wheels for mobility and with braided heavy duty nets.

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    Selected Australian References:

     Sydney Olympic Park (Sydney)
     National Hockey Centre (Canberra)
     The Pines Hockey Stadium (Adelaide)
     State Hockey Centre (Melbourne)
     State Hockey Centre (Brisbane)
     Newcastle International Hockey Centre
     Marrara Hockey Centre (Darwin)