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Gryphon Tour Samurai GXX

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36.5 ONLY

<p>The Gryphon Tour Samurai is designed with a replica curve peak and position to the Deuce II, it combines this with a control groove up the shaft of the stick to maximise your dragflicking ability. A slightly thinner toe on the head of the stick helps create extra flow when executing 3D skills, while not compromising your power. The Tour Samurai delivers immense dragflicking power.</p>
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<p> Targeted Weight : 510gr <br><br>Balance Point : 400mm</p>
<p>Composition : Carbon, Fibreglass, Kevlar &amp; Kraibon Technology</p>
<p class="font_8"><span><span class="color_14"><span>CURVE POSITION: 205mm | CURVE PEAK: 25mm</span></span></span></p>
<p class="font_8"><span><span class="color_14"><span>SHAPE: Extra Low Curve &amp; Control Groove | HEAD SHAPE: Regular</span></span></span></p>
<p class="font_8"><span><span class="color_14"><span>HEAD SIZE: 118mm Width x 75mm Length</span></span></span></p>
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