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    Adidas Estro Kromaskin 3 SuperLight

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    * A trusted and classical mid - low bow stick for the all-round player. A shape designed for the player who takes control of the game in all situations and thrives on accuracy and composure.
    * The partial Kromaskin coverage in the hitting zone of the Estro Kromaskin .3 combines with the highly tuned composition to give high levels of power, while also giving optimum levels of touch and feel. This composition is the perfect balance to allow the player to take complete control.
    * BOW: Mid-Low Bow - LX Shape - 250mm/22mm
    * HEAD SHAPE: Pure Control
    * KROMASKIN / PARTIAL STICK KROMASKIN COVERAGE: Ultra thin carbon fibre material wrapping the stick shaft, taken from F1 Racing Technology, that improves both the look and the structural performance of the stick.
    * SPREAD TOW CARBON: Higher strength to weight ratio than a standard carbon lay-up, increasing the power generation and durability of the stick.