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    The most active beach hockey-playing area is New South Wales. For eight years, until very recently,  Cape Paterson, near Wongthaggi, was the venue for a thriving beach hockey scene. At one point, says organiser John Hackett, there were 14 teams playing a round robin league. The teams came from far and wide, with players travelling from Melbourne and West Gippsland – more than three hours drive away.
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    Coe, speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, continued: "We also may have to think slightly out of the box about how we might have to create other types of events if - I hope not - but if we have a very badly disrupted season generally."

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    Bowdon and Leicester City - with the support of Wapping - lodged an Appeal Notice in respect of the decision made in respect of concluding the 2019/20 season that was confirmed by the England Hockey Board on 28 April. The Appeal was then stayed to enable a process of alternative dispute resolution to take place. No resolution was reached and so the Appeal proceeded.
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