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    Adidas Shosa Kromaskin 1 SuperLight (37.5 Only)

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    The Shosa franchise is the ultimate drag flick stick with never seen before features. The ultra-low bow and grind rail create unparalleled ball speeds. The structure of the .1 is created for maximum stiffness, giving ultimate power generation.

    Ultra Low Bow - Drag Flick Shape + Grind Rail

    • KROMASKIN / FULL COVERAGE: Ultra thin carbon fibre wrapping the stick, improving structural performance.
    • SPREAD TOW CARBON: Higher strength to weight ratio, increases power generation and durability of the stick.
    • 3D GEOMETRY: Stiffens the shaft, increasing hitting power.
    • EPOXY CORE: Helps to produce a more consistent structure, improving the response when passing and receiving the ball.
    • GRIND RAIL: Helps to keep the ball connected to the stick for as long as possible during the drag flick action, enabling maximum power generation.
    • LEADING EDGE SWEETSPOT: The surface area has been increased to make reverse hitting more powerful.